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Intelligente Technik im Hintergrund

Unaufdringliche intelligente Assistenztechnologien

The Research Studio Pervasive Computing Applications is dedicated to the design and implementation of smart and unobtrusive background technologies: systems that are not perceivable to the human and that assist individuals (not users) in their daily lives. We are thinking win-win situations for system operators, installation sites and individuals by neatly embedding assistive technology into the fabric of our daily life.

Public Interactive Displays

Human-computer interaction in public space is enabled by large public displays (“Portals”) comprising a set of well-integrated sensors and a plethora of output channels to be arbitrarily programmed and used: HQ visual content, multiple audio channels and even the evaporation of scents is realized with our Smart Light platform. A rich set of communication modules and systems solutions such as micro-payment modules make this platform an all-round talent for applications in the out-of-home advertising, event organization, cultural and point-of-sale domains.

Human Attention Estimation

Estimating human attention in public spaces is a non-trivial task enabling considerate communication channels. By taking into account the current cognitive load of passers-by, systems can adapt their communication manners in order to better reach individuals, e.g. by changing the modality, loudness, appearance or size of information snippets.
Using technical sensor systems to calculate human attention through observation is an unobtrusive attempt to deliver attention data and consequently feed it to information delivery systems.

Smarter Phones

Systems support for personal devices such as smartphones can yield enormous potential for interactive and adaptive experiences. Such “Platforms” can act as gateways to public services, e.g. promoted by public interactive displays (“Portals”) and other background systems in order to provide personalized data and information for (1) routine tasks, (2) uncommon situations or (3) special occasions (e.g. during an event). Integrating knowledge about individual preferences, the current geo-location and micro-payment services allow the implementation of flexible and feature rich multimedia applications.

Ecosystems of Services

Adaptive service ecosystems allow system maintainers to lean back and let smart entities do the rest. With our approaches to ecosystems of services: large public screens and smartphones can easily communicate with each other, share information and rich media content and even team up to build device and service ensembles. Service ecosystems work in the background and serve one need: intelligently supporting our daily lives.

Telefon: +43(0) 662 834 602 - 0